Welcome to Gridco Systems Institute of Technology!

Gridco Systems offers on-site training courses for our customers through our “Gridco Tech” program.  These courses provide all the information that distribution utility personnel need to safely and efficiently install, configure and operate the hardware and software products of the Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution.

We provide full course material and certification as part of our training and can customize programs for various utility audiences including installers, linemen, troubleshooters, distribution operations, and distribution engineering and planning.  We can also work with utility training staff to complement existing internal training programs.

Gridco Tech is designed to provide foundational knowledge of the Gridco Systems emPower™ solution on a number of key fronts:

  • Product Functionality– Develop a depth of understanding of various hardware and software products including Gridco Systems In-line Power RegulatorsTM (IPRs), Power Regulating TransformersTM (PRTs), Static VAR CompensatorsTM (SVCs), Distributed Grid ControllersTM (DGCs), Field Configuration ToolTM (FCT), and our Grid Management and Analytics PlatformTM (GMAP).
  • Planning – Learn how to choose the best locations for secondary voltage regulation using available distribution feeder circuit information, models, scorecards and related tools.
  • Safety– Ensure that all teams are aware of the safety practices and handling techniques of Gridco Systems products to avoid workman injury, service interruption or equipment damage.
  • Installation and Configuration– Learn to properly install, connect and configure Gridco Systems IPRs, PRTs, SVCs and DGCs using the FCT and GMAP.
  • Operations and Maintenance– Learn how to most effectively use, monitor and maintain Gridco Systems products to maximize return on investment over years of trouble-free life.
  • Best Practices – Share knowledge with other utilities in Users Group forums.