Gridco Systems power systems consultants are available to provide you with confidence and predictability when planning and deploying our solution.  Whether your needs are being driven by increased penetration of distributed energy resources (DER), aggressive Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) programs, transmission or generation capacity constraints, or other business goals, we can help.

Modeling projects can cover a wide array of topics but share a common core approach.  We perform load flow analysis, quasi-dynamic analysis and transient studies, applying industry-recognized simulation and modeling tools, algorithms, advanced numerical methods, value frameworks, and applications experience to evaluate concept designs.  We also mine AMI voltage data when it’s available and have developed automated means for tackling these “big data” files.  This approach enables technical what-if scenario and business case cost/benefit analyses that include, when feasible, the addition of Gridco Systems emPowerTM Solution products to your existing infrastructure.

These findings are summarized in an executive report that includes technical recommendations and a financial model capturing the value proposition for the desired scenarios.   Despite the inherent complexity of these types of studies, we deliver a clear action plan that can easily be communicated within your organization and executed by your team.

Gridco Systems is committed to making each modeling engagement as easy and fast as possible.  Given your timeline, evaluation process and criteria, we can customize our engagement to best support your needs.