Single-Phase Pad-mounted 50kVA Power Regulating Transformer

The Gridco Systems Single-Phase, 60 Hertz Power Regulating Transformer™ (PRT) is a new class of agile grid infrastructure designed to enable a more flexible and resilient distribution network. It provides a comprehensive solution for utilities to reliably deliver high quality power while dynamically controlling voltage, power factor and harmonics.

The PRT integrates a standard pad-mounted distribution transformer with advanced, passively cooled power electronics and sensors in an overall enclosure optimized for outdoor deployment on standard transformer pads. Install PRTs as a “future ready” part of new residential electrification projects or as a direct replacement of existing distribution transformers to address renewable integration, Volt-VAR Optimization (VVO) / Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and improved power quality requirements.

The PRT is a ruggedized hardware system purpose-built to simplify grid planning and operations, allowing utilities to avoid the high costs and long easement delays of conventional approaches available with or without a Distributed Grid Controller (DGC), the PRT-50 is part of a unified platform with Gridco Systems In-line Power Regulators™ and Static Var Compensators™ facilitating optimized feeder deployments.

Key Features

  • Combines power delivery and regulation onto a standard pad-mounted distribution transformer
  • Load voltage regulation under forward and reverse power flow
  • Reactive power compensation, leading or lagging
  • Load voltage and source current harmonic cancellation (3rd to 7th harmonic)
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Dynamic (sub-cycle), continuous and precise performance
  • Purpose built, utility-scale power electronics designed for 25-year lifetime with no maintenance
  • Autonomous operation, or local or remote (centralized) management
  • Built-in bypass mechanism
  • Operating temperature: -40° to 55°C
  • NEMA-4X enclosure


Key Benefits

  • Simple, direct replacement of existing pad-mounted transformers
  • Resolves easement issues where an additional, standalone padmount IPR-50 is not feasible
  • Reliably and scalably integrate intermittent distributed generation
  • Achieve greater energy efficiency and peak demand reduction
  • Alleviate capacity constraints and avoid/defer costly generation and system upgrades or demand charges