Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution

Today, distribution system planning and operation is more complex than ever.  Originally designed for centralized generation with one-way power flow and predictable demand, distribution systems need to accommodate distributed generation creating wider voltage swings and reverse power flow. Further, constantly changing demand patterns, an increasing focus on overall system efficiency and capacity management, and greater emphasis on system reliability point to the need for fast-acting, intelligent control of power quality, flow and availability throughout the grid.  The Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution combines modular power electronics, advanced controls, distributed networking, and power system analytics to put distributed, dynamic power control squarely in the hands of utilities.  Control voltage, reactive power, power factor, and harmonics, and more to solve both current and emerging distribution challenges.

As a new class of distribution infrastructure ensuring high quality and reliable power delivery while being more economical than alternatives, the Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution consists of three product families that provide a comprehensive, end-to-end suite of hardware and software:

Power Regulation

  • In-line Power Regulators™— IPRs are multi-function, utility-scale power electronics hardware systems that combine series-connected voltage control, shunt-connected current control, embedded sensing, and control logic to simultaneously provide voltage regulation, VAR compensation, harmonic compensation, power monitoring, and more.
  • Power Regulating Transformers™— PRTs are multi-function, utility-scale hardware systems that integrate distribution transformers and power electronics into one common footprint simultaneously providing power delivery, voltage regulation, VAR compensation, harmonic compensation, power monitoring, and more while further simplifying planning and operations.
  • Static VAR Compensators™— SVCs are light weight, cost-effective modular hardware systems that combine a shunt-connected current source architecture, advanced algorithms, and fault-tolerant, self-balancing switching design to provide dynamic voltage boosting at minimal total install costs.

Intelligent Control

  • Distributed Grid Controllers™— DGCs are comprehensive computing platforms that provide coordination and control, data logging, local analytics, data networking, and communications via Secure DNP 3.0 and Secure Web Services.

Advanced Software

  • Grid Management and Analytics Platform™— GMAP is an innovative suite of software for managing the fleet of power regulation and intelligent control devices providing remote monitoring and control, data collection, actionable data analytics, feeder optimization, and seamless integration with SCADA, DMS and VVO applications.

The Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution is the next step in distribution system modernization, transforming today’s infrastructure into a more agile, flexible and resilient grid.