Power Quality

In the past, electrical disturbances on mechanical equipment went largely unnoticed. Today, with widespread and growing use of electrical equipment (IT equipment, adjustable speed drives, programmable logic controllers, energy-efficient lighting, etc.) combined with increasingly aging infrastructure, power quality is a key topic for distribution utilities and their customers. Non-linear equipment is sensitive to voltage sags/swells, transients and harmonics, and is also the cause of current harmonic distortions back towards the grid. Many utilities have cited power quality problems due to harmonic current build-up and load imbalance. Power quality problems are exacerbated by the rapid adoption of solar PV, which further contributes to undesirable harmonic current and load imbalance.

The Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution with In-line Power Regulators™ (IPR) and Power Regulating Transformers™ (PRT) puts power electronics in the hands of utilities, giving them the ability to cost-effectively improve power quality avoiding pre-mature equipment failures, improving system efficiency and reducing customer complaints by:

  • Responding to voltage variability on a sub-cycle basis
  • Maintaining ANSI C84.1 compliance
  • Mitigating voltage sags/swells and flicker
  • Preventing ITIC/CBEMA violations
  • Actively canceling voltage harmonics towards end customers
  • Actively canceling current harmonics towards the grid
  • Managing harmonic emissions to maintain IEEE 519 compliance