Distributed Grid Controller

The Gridco Systems DGC™ is a next-generation RTU/PLC designed to enable a more agile, flexible and resilient distribution network. DGCs are intelligent computing platforms that provide coordination and control, power quality monitoring, data logging, local analytics, data networking, and communications for Gridco Systems In-line Power Regulators (IPRs). DGCs are available standalone or integrated with IPRs.

Utility personnel can use DGCs to locally or remotely monitor and configure IPRs.  DGCs support industry-standard protocols such as Secure DNP 3.0 and IEC 61850 for communication with existing SCADA and DMS systems, and secure web services for richer data exchanges with the Gridco Systems Grid Management and Analytics Platform (GMAP) and other web-based systems. DGCs provide standard serial (RS-232), USB and Ethernet interfaces, and are compatible with common utility-supplied Distribution Automation (DA) communication modules.

Key Features

  • Interfaces: Serial (RS-232), USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Protocols: Secure DNP 3.0, IEC 61850 and Secure Web Services
  • Power Quality Monitoring:
    • V, I, F, kW, kVAR, kVA, harmonics
    • Sag/Swell Capture
    • CBEMA/ITIC Reporting
  • Storage: 4 GB Removable Flash (SD Card)
  • Cybersecurity: Secure Authentication, up to 1024-bit SSL Data Encryption
  • Time Synchronization: GPS, NTP, 3G, DNP 3.0 or Manual
  • Optional Battery Backup
  • Operating temperature: -40° to 50°C
  • NEMA-4 enclosure

Key Benefits

  • Enable real-time power flow and quality monitoring throughout the distribution system
  • Log data for offline analysis
  • Enable secure communications remote management via SCADA, DMS and/or GMAP using industry-standard protocols
  • Control and coordinate IPRs to enhance DA and VVO/CVR schemes
  • Send fault, outage and service restoration notifications to OMS for FDIR
  • Monitor distribution transformer loading for system planning, Asset Management and Electricity Theft